Creative Ways to Hide Trash Cans Outside

Hiding Trash Cans: Creative Solutions for Outdoor Spaces!

Imagine putting your house on sale; the first thing potential buyers see in your property are the trash bins. Now, I’m not a firm believer that the ‘first impression is the last impression,’ but it will likely reduce your odds of getting a good deal or, worse, make them change their mind and look for other properties.

Even if you’re not selling your property, trash bins out in the open or front yard can decrease the aesthetic value of your beloved home. I don’t see any reason why you should keep your garbage cans in a visible place when all they do is put a negative impression on everyone who comes to visit your home.

So, don’t you think it’s time you learn how to hide trash cans outside to savor the beauty of your house? I know you do, which is probably why you’re here.

Creative Ways to Hide Trash Cans Outside

I know hiding your garbage bins outside can be a pain in the B. However, it’s much simpler than you think. I’ll admit some schemes require more effort than others, but who is to say which one will be more suitable for your property? So, here are some ways to make those trash cans go poof.

  • Lattice Screen

A lattice screen is probably the easiest and cheapest thing to build independently. It is a wooden base combined with a board frame. A lattice screen can give your front or backyard an authentic look while hiding those eyesore trash cans.

It takes only two hours or so to make one, less if you have crafting experience. The cost to build a lattice screen will vary according to your design and wood. If you keep it simple, then it shouldn’t cost you much. On the other hand, if you want to avoid burdening yourself with the work, you can also purchase a lattice screen. They are very easy to find.

The good thing is you can grow some climbing plants or shrubs to decorate the screen and even mask the foul odor. It will make the frame look even better. However, a lattice screen can only block the view from one angle, which means if someone goes around, they can see your garbage cans.

  • A Basic Garbage Shed

Making a garbage shed will require serious effort and quite a bit of money. Unless you’re handy with tools or don’t possess basic woodworking skills, I suggest you either purchase a trash can shed or choose a different option to hide your garbage boxes.

Anyways, a shed is the best thing to hide your trash cans if you’re willing to do the work or have the budget to purchase one. It looks great, especially if you decorate it with some colors, and can conceal the garbage bags from all angles.

If you build a large garbage shed, you should be able to hide at least two or three trash cans. You can choose between a pull-open door or a sliding door, but personally, the latter is a better option.

  • Fence Board Privacy Screen

If you have a few fence boards, you have almost everything you need to build this privacy screen. You’ll start by setting some posts on the ground. Afterward, align the boards horizontally, and your trash can cover is ready.

It only requires a little time and effort to build a fence board privacy screen. However, if you’re not handy with tools, then it might come as a little challenging.

Anyways, you can camouflage the board with your existing fence so it doesn’t draw any attention. However, deciding whether you want to showcase or conceal it is up to you.

  • Waste Bin Enclosure

It is pretty similar to a lattice screen except for the fact that it will block two angles instead of one. An L-shaped waste bin enclosure is big enough to hide two large trash cans. It’s cheaper than a garbage shed and does a better job concealing trash cans than a lattice screen.

A waste bin enclosure isn’t an item you can find online; however, it’s easy to build on your own. If you can’t do it, you can always hire a professional to do your work.

A run to the hardware store is enough to make a garbage enclosure. If you look at some tutorials, you should be able to do it independently, even if you lack the necessary skills.

  • Hide Them in the Garage

If you don’t prefer to purchase or build anything to hide your trash cans, you can always store them in the garage. The obvious drawback to this scheme is that you must empty your garbage cans while storing them in the garage, or it will stink up the entire place.

It may sound contradictory but hear me out. When you plan to auction your house, your real estate agent might ask for photos. Having the trash cans inside the garage makes it seem like you have enough space in your house.

Additionally, having those garbage bins out in the open looks weird. So, if you put them in the garage and only bring them out during trash day, it will not ruin the beauty of your front porch. I admit it will involve a lot of moving and stowing, but it’s still better than having them out for everyone to see.

  • Conceal Using Plants

If your front or backyard is surrounded by shrubs or plants, then an excellent way to hide your trash cans is to conceal them within your garden. Additionally, your plants will mask most of the foul odor, so that’s a plus point.

You can use different shrubs like hydrangea, dogwood, or even evergreens like arborvitae and pyramidal boxwood. Most of these plants are cost-effective, easy to grow, and can add texture to your garden.

So, if you don’t want to keep the trash cans in your garage, or don’t have the budget or motivation to build a wooden shed, then you can try using the shrubs in your yard to hide those pesky garbage bins. It has worked for many, so it might also work for you.

Tips to Hide Trash Cans Outside Naturally

Here are a few tips you should keep in mind while trying to hide your garbage bins outside. Don’t worry; these are very rudimentary and easy to follow but highly effective.

  • Steer Clear of the Front Yard

Nothing beats the convenience of keeping the garbage cans in the front yard, as it becomes a cakewalk to dump your waste on trash day. However, it is not the smartest choice if you plan to improve your house’s aesthetic value or put it on sale for a good deal.

Imagine a potential buyer visiting your house, and the first thing they see is your garbage cans. Right then, they will either have a negative impression of the property or get disgusted by the awful view.

So, why risk it for the biscuit? If the convenience is worth more than the beauty and value of your house, then I guess you can leave the garbage cans in the front yard. However, I firmly believe it’s not. Moving your trash bins from one place to another takes a few seconds, so why leave them in the front yard and not somewhere hidden?

  • The Forgotten Corner

We all have a corner in our property, which is less noticeable than the rest of the yard—for instance, a space between two tall plants. Storing your garbage cans in such places can help them become less visible to the wandering eye.

So, if you’re wondering where to hide your trash bins, try finding a spot in your yard that is barely noticeable. It should keep those eyesores out of sight when people visit or look at your house to purchase.

  • Utilize the Layout of Your Property

Walk around your property and check out its places, pathways, and corners. Once you have a clear image, consider which spot would best hide your garbage cans.

You can also align the waste bins with the fence around your house. Remember to keep them where you can quickly move them for trash day. If it becomes too difficult to move the garbage cans, then the purpose of concealing them fails.

Abracadabra! They are Gone

Some believe that hiding garbage bins outside your home is an art. Well, I think so too. Not every day can you make something disappear from sight without being a little creative.

Knowing how to hide trash cans outside is a trick many people want to master. However, it is more challenging than it sounds. You must carefully analyze your property and find the perfect way to hide them.

Yes, you can build or purchase a garbage shed or wooden frame; however, if it’s possible to hide them in plain sight, why would you spend the extra money? I believe I have given you something to think about. Good Luck!

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